Solid Carbide Endmills

Our automated CNC grinding process allows us to provide the highest quality and accuracy for our solid endmills. Our product expertise and state of the art machinery offers our customers rapid delivery and regrinding ability.

Special End Mills of All Types:

  • Ball Nose
  • Finishing
  • Form
  • Roughing
  • Step

Standard Endmills

Side & End Cutting.

Works in almost any application.

Custom Cut Depth & Diameters available.

With & Without Coolant.

Special Endmills

Drawn to customer specs.

Drawn to specific part prints.

Each tool is one-of-a-kind.

Pictured: Side Cutting Only


Semispherical end-cutting endmill

Leaves a perfect radius on inside corners

Great for undercutting hard-to-reach features.

Available in almost any size.

Plunging Endmills

Has standard Drill Backtaper.

Great for starting angled holes from solid.

Leaves a flat perpendicular face for a drill.

Available in almost any size.

Special Form Endmills

Custom made for any shape.

Includes Dovetail, Undercut, & Special Angles.

Walks off radii to leave good blends.

Most commonly used where a boring tool can’t reach or fit.

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