Solid Carbide Inserts

With our state of the art grinding department, we have the capabilities, quality, price and delivery to manufacture all your custom insert needs. From simple groovers to complex ground forms, to wire cut nurbs, we are fully capable and up to the task.

Special Carbide Inserts of All Types

  • Form
  • Negative
  • Positive
  • Top Notch

Our design department will examine your particular application to decide the proper carbide grade, hone and coating for your application.

We will design the most cost effective solution for each of your machined features.

Form Inserts

Precision Cut & Ground using the latest EDM & CNC Technologies.

All forms are drawn in 3D to verify clearances.

EDM Wire Cut forms are programmed directly from the 3D models.

Groove Inserts

Designed for a wide range of uses.

Trepan, Lathe, Bore & Saw.

Programmed in 3D to ensure optimal clearances with maximum strength.

Special Inserts

Modified Standards, Multifunction & Threading Inserts.

Cut & Ground with the same precision as groove & form inserts.

Limitless Possibilities.

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