Solid Carbide Reamers

Product expertise and automated CNC grinding process assures our customers consistently high quality and accurate reamers. Our ability to procure overnight inventory, allows us to meet customer delivery dates.

Reamers of All Types

  • Form
  • Helical
  • Multi Step
  • Straight

Straight Flute Reamers

Works in a variety of applications including Aluminum, Brass & Cast Irons.

Can’t be used for interrupted cuts (keyways etc).

Best when paired with polished flutes or material appropriate coatings.

Can be PCD Tipped for Non-Ferrous applications.

Helical Reamers

Almost universal with helix ranging from 10 to 40 degrees.

Works well in Steel & other materials prone to stringy chips.

Wide variety of coatings available.

Required for interrupted cuts.

Left-Handed Spiral Reamers

Spiral forces chips forward.

Great for vertical machining through holes.

Geometry causes flutes to wash farther into shank.

Needs allowance for an additional 10-20mm on OAL for LHS.

Tapered Reamers

1:8, 1:6 and more tapers for all materials.

Right Hand cut with Left Hand Spiral.

LHS won’t allow reamer to dig into material.

Leaves a clean finish.

Left-Handed Spiral Reamers

Rough Drill & Finish Ream in one tool.

Faster Cycle Times

Less Tool Changes

Custom made for your parts feature.

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